Mini legend Mini – 4WD Simulator Racing Game

Mini Legend Mini – 4WD Simulator Racing Game is a simulation of off-loading and off-road driving for kids. It is similar to the well-known off-road games like Max & Chloe, where players take control of a road vehicle in pursuit of enemies. This version has been newly released by Focus Home Interactive as an iPhone App. The story revolves around a boy who is forced to get his father’s car stolen in order to deliver a cargo. The father wants the boy to get paid in return for giving up his freedom but not even the brightest minds in the boy’s crew can figure out what needs to be done.


You can enjoy the fun in the air with the use of Mini Legend Mini – 4WD Simulator Racing Game on the iPhone and iPod touch. The game gives kids an opportunity to drive fast and smoothly through the four episodes of the TV series. There are four episodes in total and the first episode is aptly named “The Hard Way”. This is just one of the mini-games that you can try out while you wait for the release of the full version of this iPhone App.


The story behind the mini-game is charming and interesting. In this story, the main character, Dashiell, is trapped by enemy forces. He needs your help in order to reach safety. You have to make use of his mini-bikes’ wheels in order to traverse certain obstacles and reach your goal. These mini-bike wheels can only be obtained by collecting coins while playing the game. Plus, there are also other factors that you must consider while playing the iPhone application such as avoiding obstacles, shooting enemies and making it through various gates.


Mini Legend is not your ordinary racing game. You can expect plenty of options and choices while playing the game. You can choose to play the story or the mini-games involving vehicles. In addition, you can try your hand at various stunt jumps, obstacle jumping and more. Each stage of the game has a different set of objectives, so you are sure to find one that you will find interesting and challenging.


Mini Legend is an excellent choice if you want a great choice of entertaining games to play on your iPhone. It is a simple game but provides lots of fun and entertainment. So if you want a great choice of entertaining iPhone game, try playing this wonderful iPhone game. It is fun for everybody, since it is a great example of flash game development.


A great mini-games such as this one is definitely a great option to entertain your little one. He will surely have a great time playing this wonderful game. He is provided with a very easy interface, which makes him easy to understand.


Mini Legend is very much comparable to other mini-games available in the market. However, this game has uniqueness and is a definite must-play for all. So if you have a chance to download this amazing iPhone title, don’t hesitate to play it. You will surely enjoy this fun game. In addition to that, this game is very much challenging. So, if you are up for a challenge, you better download this game and have a great time playing it.


Mini Legend is an amazing flash game which will surely thrill you and keep you hooked to the screen. The graphics are quite good and the interface design is easy to operate. If you like adventure, then this game is the perfect game for you. In addition to that, this game is free, which makes your life a little easier. If you haven’t yet downloaded this amazing iPhone title, don’t hesitate to download it now.

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