3D Flip Clock & Weather (Ad-free)

3D Flip Clock & Weather are an amazing new application that allows you to accurately check the current weather for any given place. It includes many features like countdown of days to come, live streaming of weather data around the clock, satellite images, cloud formations, etc. This amazing app allows the user to check the temperature and air pressure at any given location. The user has the option of controlling the display of time with a simple tap on the screen or with long hold on the home button. Besides providing accurate temperature and cloud cover data, the application will also provide information on current stock prices, weather forecasts and popular news.


The 3D Flip Clock & Weather on the Android OS 4.2 provide the user with an extensive number of options. You can set the days and the hours during which you want to monitor the weather. You can also select the places where you want to go with the help of maps. You can set customized start times and end times, add custom alerts or create your own custom message. You can even set your own hourly timer and the speed in which the time stamping appears.


To install 3D Flip Clock & Weather on PC you need to download the free desktop version from the official website of Flip. After downloading the software, the next step is to install it on your PC with the help of either the Windows installer CD or the flash drive. Once the installation is complete, you can access the Flip Clock application from the start menu by clicking on the “Get Started” option. In case of Windows, the installation process is normally completed with the shortcut of the program icon being displayed on the desktop.


The next step is to open the 3D Flip Clock & Weather for Windows by clicking on the “Downloads” option from the main menu. The installation process will be completed automatically. When the installation is complete, the first screen that will display is the “Welcome to 3D Flip Clock” message.


In order to use the fully customizable digital clock and weather forecast widget, you need to insert the small (500 KB) pix-image of a place that you would like to monitor the temperature on. If you are interested in monitoring the weather in Hawaii, for instance, you can select “Honolulu, Hawaii” as the location where the widget will be displayed. The location that you select will determine the other two widgets that are located on the screen.


The next step is to double click on the “Settings” icon and then click on “Weather.” The “Weather” icon will turn into a clickable area where you can select various options that will allow you to change the default settings for the clock and the weather icon. There are several widget hotspots located on the clock’s background. You should select all the hotspots and click on the “OK” button in order to activate the widget.


If you want to change some of the settings, such as the hourly or daily weather forecast display, you can do this by clicking on one of the several widget hotspots that are located on the clock background. The “Settings” icon will turn into a toggle plus sign. You should click on it and then click on the ” toggle “button” so that it will become possible for you to change the various options. There are some useful widgets that are available such as a calculator or a traffic counter. You should find the widgets under the “Widgets” section of the screen.


If you want to receive notifications when the hourly weather forecasts indicate that it is time for an important upcoming event, you should click on the “Get More Info” button. This button will open up the “Notifications” selection window so that you can select from several different alert types. It is possible to change the alert type by simply changing the value of the corresponding slider. The “Get More Info” button also allows you to choose among several optional display formats such as text, image or video.

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