PlantIn: Plant Identification

PlantIn: Plant Identification & Gardening Guide is an online gardening encyclopedia with hundreds of high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and hundreds of plant groups, photos and seeds. Users can search by type of plant (flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees, grasses, etc), by kind (hubs, shrubs, woody, aromatic, ornamental, etc), by size (babies, medium, large, etc.) and by varieties (all kinds, sub-shrubs, woody, flowering, fruit, etc). The database of the plant types, their descriptions and their cultivar distribution are expansive.


This free app provides information for more than two million plants. With long text search, you are able to search for specific plants or specific groups such as air-cleaning herbs or non-poisons ones. Simply write down your ideas and then check app-supplied choices.


You can use the PlantIn: Plant Identification & Gardening Guide on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as an iPhone or iPad emulator. To use this app, download it first, launch it and select “emulator settings”. Then, install the official PlantIn iPhone or iPad app – choose the download link offered on the app’s website. Install the PlantIn emulator and launch it. Wait until the PlantIn starts to process your touch or tap.


This application has many advanced features including live feedback of soil moisture, plant type, growing conditions, water needs, plant growth habits, plant care requirements handled automatically, how to select a plant and many more. In addition, the user can save and print photos of their favorite plants. The PlantIn scientific naming system helps you distinguish between species. In short, this application can help you become a knowledgeable gardener by providing you with expert help via a virtual plant encyclopedia.


If your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is not connected to a computer then you must connect it via USB cable. Otherwise, the installation process could not take place. After everything has been installed, you will have to accept the terms and conditions of the Planting Terms and Conditions (PTC). The Planting Terms and Conditions (PTC) is a legally binding agreement between you and the provider of the PlantIn software. You should read the terms and conditions before installing or purchasing the Planting in Home app. In case you don’t understand anything, ask for help from the customer service available through the app.


There are some basic instructions required to install the Planting in Home education app. First, connect the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the computer using the USB cable. Second, download and save the Planting in Home Education app onto your iPhone or iPad. Third, use the tap on the screen of your iPhone or iPad to launch the Planting in Home Education app.


Planting in Home has four categories namely the Plant Identification, Gardening Tips, Gardening Helpers and Garden Progression. The fourth category is the most popularly used app among the users of Planting in Home. The Plant Identification category contains over twenty-four high quality images of different types of plants. The images of the Plants in the Plant Identification category are provided for free, however, if you want to add further information about the plant then you may purchase the Plant Identification subscription. The other three categories are not as useful as the Plant Identification category.


The Planting: Plant Identification and Gardening apps are available for free as well as for a nominal fee. The Plant Identification category features twenty-six high quality images of different types of plants and the Gardening Tips app contains over ten different tips for the perfect gardening. The Garden Progression app can be downloaded free, however, if you want to add further tips and tricks about the app then you may purchase the Garden Progression subscription. Now that you know more about the PlantIn: Plant Identification and Gardening app, download it now from the official website for more detailed information.

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