SkyView® Explore the Universe

SkyView is a 3D virtual reality platform that allows its users to step inside an entire new world. Imagine being able to see beyond the limits of our own earth and to travel to other heavenly bodies. With the help of a piece of equipment, you will be able to explore almost all the celestial bodies in the solar system as well as in the universe beyond. The greatest advantage of SkyView is that it allows you to immerse yourself into an entirely new world, a world where all your senses are greatly magnified and where time and space seem to have slowed down. By simply looking up, you will be able to clearly see the faraway objects, but with time and distance added, you will also be able to clearly see the present objects.


SkyView is easy to use. Just follow these simple instructions to get started. As you go through the experience, remember that there is no need to use any equipment. This is more of an exploration tool and a personal stroll through uncharted territory. The software does not require any training or expertise, and anybody can enjoy it just by downloading it onto your personal computer.


– Download the software onto your personal computer. There are many different operating systems and versions of the software available online. Choose the one that best suits your requirements and then install it onto your machine. Using a CD or a flash drive will allow you to store everything for future reference.


– Set up your VR headset and put on the headphones. Connect your earphones to the stereo and set up your preferred viewing position. Put on your glasses if you want to, but don’t look directly into the viewer. In order to have a good angle, look towards the horizon. To change the view, move your head and click on the arrows on the Virtual Reality Home Page.


– Select the planetarium option. This will bring up a list of all the sights you can see with your telescope. When you have chosen your site, choose a star in the constellation that you prefer. It’s a great way to explore the constellations because you get to name them and even discover other things about each of them. If you want to put in a new star system, simply select a planet from the list, then choose the star in the system.


– Download the program onto your PC. Put it onto a disk and then transfer it over to your home computer. It will install and run smoothly once it has been installed. Note that there might be a few instructions that you have to follow. This is usually the case whenever you do a download.


– Use the program to look at all the constellations. To do this, double click the title or the object. A menu will appear. Click on the next button (asteroid). Now, look at all the objects around you. Look carefully to see if they’re moving – you should be able to see some movement.


– You can also use this program to find out more about the moon and the planets. To do this, select the objects you want to view with the program. Notice that you have a choice of thousands of objects. Click on the new button (asteroid). After you click this button, you will have to recreate your own satellite images from the software program.


– The program also gives you a selection of historical views. This includes the last two centuries. It will let you see all of the civil wars that occurred. You will be able to see battles that occurred in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and Australia. Take a look at the battles between the US and Russia and the decimation of Japan by the atomic bomb.


– If you are into astronomy, you might want to use this program as well. It gives you a clearer view of celestial objects. There are even objects that you cannot see with the naked eye. This includes asteroid and comet sightings. You’ll be able to learn more about comets and the other heavenly bodies.


– A great way to enjoy the night sky is by using Skyview. It will give you a wider variety of nights to see the stars. You can choose one that closest to your current location. For those who live in a rural area, they have the chance to view the stars every night. It’s nice to have the chance to see the wonders of space up close.

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