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Udemy – Online Courses is a virtual classroom that can help those who are new to online education and are interested in making their own online courses. Udemy, Inc. was founded by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani and Oktay Caglar as an open source educational platform designed for instructors, educators and students alike. It is intended to be an open source alternative to traditional classroom-based education. It provides a “green” approach to learning through its core modules and optional add-ons like the Udemy Test Engine and the Udemy Content Repository. Udemy allows for a free trial period and the full product download before you decide if it’s right for you.


Udemy offers six modules of instruction: Foundations of Online Learning, Introduction to Computing, Introduction to Programming Languages, Data Structures for Web Applications, Wireless Networks and Security, and Programming for IT Professionals. There is also an optional fourth module called Web Development Skills. These modules teach different skills required in web development, including web design, e-commerce, graphic design and SEO. The six modules represent what E-learning professionals look for in online or E-learning based education systems and will help you decide if this is the right opportunity for you.


A good Udemy – Online Courses course should have a strong and complete presentation that explains every topic in clear detail and demonstrates the concepts clearly. The program should not be confusing and the instructions should be clear. The language used should be simple and understandable. The instructor should be experienced enough to address the challenges presented and provide necessary tips and guidance. The entire course should be broken up into small manageable pieces so that students won’t get too confused.


One of the most important aspects of any online or E-learning course is that it is flexible and user-friendly. You can customize it as per your needs and you need not be a computer whiz to understand the interface. For instance, a Udemy – Online Courses course on Medical transcription may require the learner to type in certain details, complete a form, submit the form, etc. A course on accounting may require the students to type in inputting data in certain formats and to understand how the information is being entered in various systems.


Another important aspect of any e-learning course is that it is interactive. For instance, you can find a lot of resources online that are providing step-by-step tutorials, audio and video files that can be played on your browser, online quizzes and tests and interactive exercises for the students to complete. With the help of such interactive features, students will be able to easily grasp the concepts in a short period of time.


Apart from teaching and learning, another important role of an e-learning course is to help you network. When you join any online course, it will ask you to create your personal website where you can display your skills and knowledge. In this process, you can use all the tools available such as web hosting, emailing, chatting, downloading and uploading content and many more. By doing so, you can interact with a large number of people and can share ideas and thoughts with them. Through this, you will be able to promote your business and can get business opportunities as well.


Besides teaching, participating in online courses also helps you to network. Since this is the platform where you are allowed to communicate with others, you have a clear chance to promote your business by sharing ideas and thoughts with them. Also, if you participate in any e-learning courses, you can get a lot of practice as well as practical experience. These will definitely help you in your future projects.


Overall, Udemy is a very convenient platform for those who want to provide quality e-learning courses to the public. This is because it provides a platform where you can easily sell and market your services while at the same time interacting with several others and promoting your business. So, if you are a teacher or an academician looking to make some quick money, you should definitely consider using Udemy. You can check out its website now and start making some money!

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