Kitty Kate – House Cleaning

When Kitty Kate is asking to clean the house, she assumes that it’s going to be a very simple task that she can do in ten minutes or so. Little did she know that she would be cleaning one of the most important rooms in the house, the one room where all of the activities of the family happen. She couldn’t possibly expect that it would be as easy as she thought, but she knew she needed to go through with it. She had to make the house sparkle and smell nice, after all, that was what her mother and father would expect out of her.


It was a beautiful day, not nearly as hot as it normally would have been, and the breeze was making the air smell better. When Kitty Kate and her mother and father came home, they were all excited about getting started on their new house cleaning project. It was going to be easy, they told themselves, just because it was spring. Little did they know just how difficult things would get during the process. The house was dirty, smelly, and just generally not good enough for them. They would be stuck watching TV, eating, or doing practically anything else while their mother kept the house clean.


It was only when Kitty Kate was getting ready for bed that she thought about what she was going to do about this mess. She knew her mom and dad would never let her crawl through the living room and clean alone, but she ignored their advice. She would just go to the bathroom, change out of her pajamas, get cleaned up, and then change back into her nightclothes before heading back to the living room. This would keep her from getting distracted by the fact that her shoes were stained, her shirt was missing, and that she had a lump in one of her ears.


When she arrived home later, however, there was a message on her phone. Her mother said she should come right home and fix whatever was wrong because it was affecting her sleep. Kitty Kate’s curiosity got the best of her, so she quickly went to her room and started looking around.


There was a smelly, gross-looking chair in the corner. It was covered in a couple of sticks of what looked like pine tar. Kitty Kate decided she would be better off without it. Unfortunately, this was just an excuse.


As soon as Kitty Kate’s curiosity got the best of her, she made her way through the house, sniffing everywhere. Kitty Kate finally found the chair. It was covered in more sticks of what looked like pine tar and was covered in filth. It reeked of mold and was very old. There were no frills around the chair, no cushion, and no place for her to sit down. The floor around the chair was also covered in filth.


In an effort to make Kitty Kate happy, her mother decided to hire a cleaning service. She figured, since she had been such a good girl that time, Kitty Kate would probably like this new attitude. This cleaning lady seemed nice enough and soon Kitty Kate decided she would like to be her “personal assistant”. Unfortunately, this was not a job Kitty Kate was interested in taking on.


Eventually Kitty Kate’s mother learned of Kitty Kate’s new “pet”. This animal was a stray that had been found by Kitty Kate while cleaning. She adopted the dog thinking it was sweet, but Kitty Kate soon became obsessed with learning everything she could about this strange pet. She took the dog for walks and gave it food. Kitty Kate’s mother noticed that Kitty Kate seemed to be studying everything about this strange, yet wonderful creature. Soon, Kitty Kate’s mother learned that this is the same girl who would often come home from cleaning and clean her room while listening to music, watching television, and even baking.

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