Graana: Pakistan’s 1st Real Estate Marketplace

Graana: Pakistan’s first real estate marketplace is a web based application and was launched by Graana com, a web development and marketing company based in Lahore. They have also launched Graana: India, a similar web application. Both of these sites are aimed at helping the online buyers to find properties available for sale through Internet. In addition to both of these applications, the company also provides mobile apps for Android and Apple iPhone users. Users of these apps can search and view properties listed on the site, as well as make offers and purchases directly from the application.


The Android app allows users to browse and search the list of properties available for purchase in Graana: Pakistan. The Android app supports most of the Android devices manufactured in Pakistan. You can either use the browser or use the Android emulator to browse the web properties. The Android emulator provides the same experience as that offered in real browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Opera. The Android app supports browsing prices, pictures, floor plans, contact information and mortgage calculators.


The Graana: Pakistan website allows users to search for property based on location, amenities, price range, and other various parameters. To buy a property in the market, you need to sign up with the shopping bag which is offered at the bottom of the home page. Once you sign up with the shopping bag, you can then use it to shop for property available for sale in Graana: Pakistan. There are many free features offered by the site such as voice recording of leads, email notification, customer tracking, live chat etc.


In order to browse the listings, you need to install the Graana: Pakistan website and use your android emulator to browse the property list. The Graana: Pakistan website has over 14 million listed properties with detailed property data. The android emulator enables you to navigate through each section of the property listing such as floor plan, bedroom, baths, area, lot area, map, amenities and much more. Once you are through with any page of the listing, you can check the status of the property through the link call ‘closed’ or click the’View listing’link. You will also be able to see the details about the neighbors, the agent responsible for the property, contact number, company’s name, bankruptcy history, tax history, credit history, tax records and other vital information about the owner of the property.


If you wish to save money on the property purchases, you need to check the free features of the Graana: Pakistan website. These features can help you save on property purchase and improve your purchasing power. The Graana: Pakistan website offers free mobile internet browsing and e-mail alerts. This is available on the Android Market. You also get live chats with the experts of the marketplace so that you are assisted in the making of the best decision. The marketplace also features a free daily business report.


As you are purchasing the Graana: Pakistan real estate, the Android Emulator can be utilized in order to test out the purchase of the property. As per the rules of the market, you can download the app and use it to play the market game. Once you have load the said simulator in your android device and launch it, you will be able to enjoy playing the market game and make your investment decisions accordingly.


The official Google play store of the Android ecosystem does not support the apk files of the third-party apps like graana. However, there are various third-party apps available on the Google play store that have been converted by the developers to be compatible with the latest versions of the android devices. You can install these apks and enjoy the benefits of the apps right away. The graana apk has been featured on the list of the most downloaded apps on the google play store along with the games like puzzle and bubble busters.


If you are interested in purchasing the graana: Pakistan real estate, you can search for it on the Google Play Store. When you install the grant android app on your android device, you will automatically be able to play the market game on the graana platform. The grant is available in the paid version for $1.99, while the free version is free of charge. You can check out the other apps that are available on the Google play app like the games platform, music players, news reader and the like.

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