World War Heroes: WW2 FPS

After the end of World War II the world has once again been immersed in war. As if the soldiers and the conflicts are not enough to keep us all occupied we now have the World War 2 FPS. Please check out this new flash game by Big Fish Games, it is very entertaining. If you love history then you will love the World War 2 FPS.


This application is a recreation of the famous mission levels from the World War 2. It is set in Europe during the Blitzkrieg. The player is tasked with all types of missions that help you to save German lives as well as German properties. Points are updated every time a German soldier is killed or a property is damaged. The action gets intensified when more enemy soldiers attack.


You may also get a hint about certain locations that are of interest. The World War 2 FPS app offers players a chance to view German combat vehicles. These include tanks, armored cars, and other German machinery and vehicles that were part of the war effort. These amazing features truly let you feel like you are part of the action. Each of the 20 levels are rich with various events and are well designed to test your endurance.


Some of the ww2 fps problems include performance issues. But still the developers of the app claim that these issues are only minor. The latest version of the app war, v2, has been improved in many ways. It is said to be one of the best android game, which is available for free.


If you do not want to try World War Heroes: WW2 FPS app, you may always try out Zynga’s Facebook and World War Heroes: Chronicles of Doom, which is also available for free on the app market. This time around, you do not need to use any gaming console or PC to play the game as you can simply connect your mobile phone with your computer using a USB cable. The iPhone is recommended as it supports the game functions very well. This is why you should try out Zynga’s Facebook as it would help you improve the compatibility of the app as well as the gaming system that you have.


The World War II version of Zynga’s Facebook has many improvements over the previous version of the mobile game. The controls in the ww2 version are easier to control since you can use both left and right keys for movement and the mouse for aiming. There are different terrains to complete missions in. As you advance to the next level, you will also see new weapons that are available for you to use. You may either buy these or earn them through participating in battles.


Another great thing about this version of the World War Heroes: WW2 FPS app is that you do not need any kind of downloading devices to play it. Just like the normal version, all you need are your devices which can access the internet. This is why you do not have to purchase any additional downloads just to be able to experience a smooth and fast game-play. You may either surf the internet or use your mobile phone’s browser to search for the links that you need to download. Once you have found them, you may just transfer them over to your computer and start the installation process. However, this time, you will not need any server support to be able to enjoy a great game play.


Apart from the World War Heroes: WW2 FPS, there is another exciting free app called Bulletproof. This is a modified version of the popular arcade game that you can find in many arcades and game shops. The only difference between the arcade game and this android app is that the former does not require any particular gaming hardware in order to run. However, you should have an android device in order to successfully run the game. With its unique bulletproof technology, you can easily defend yourself against waves of enemies without dying.

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