Quit Smoking In 30 days Using E Cigars

Quit Smoking

The good news is that you can use electronic cigars to help you quit smoking within a month by doing the following. In the past, smoking cigarettes use to be a very common way to kill time. People viewed the habit as being cool and glamorous. Nevertheless, in recent times, tobacco and cigarette companies have come under great pressure from all corners. The dangers of smoking tobacco have simply become too obvious to ignore. Many states are now banning smoking in public, and are punishing those who do. Due to these and other developments, many smokers now want to kick the habit of smoking. However, the nicotine patch and gum have had limited success.

  1. Week 1

During the first week, you will need to start with a cartridge containing the same amount of nicotine you need in a day, or slightly lower. Many normally start with an 18mg cartridge in their first week, since it is not too strong or too weak. If it is your first time using cigarettes, you will need to adjust to the new feeling though it is not too far from that of smoking traditional cigarettes.

The first time you light it up, you will have to puff in the cartridge several times before you can get a good vapor. After that, everything will run smoothly and you will find yourself naturally smoking less as the week progresses even without reducing the mg.

  1. Week 2

By the time you get to the second week, you will begin experiencing the grumpy feeling that smokers get when they are trying to quit smoking. However, these feelings will not materialize if you stick to the same amount of mgs as in the first week. It is common for many smokers to alternate traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes during the first week. If that is true I your case, stick to only e cigs in your second week.

  1. Week 3

In week three, you are already used to smoking electronic cigarettes and you no longer miss tobacco cigarettes. This is the time to switch to a lower mg cartridge. You must use extreme caution when doing this because reducing too little will not help you quit while reducing too much can be counterproductive. For instance, if you have been using the 18mg cartridge, you might now want to switch to a 12mg cartridge. You will barely notice the drop in nicotine levels as you continue smoking your e cigs.

  1. Week 4

At this point, you will need to be really determined to quit smoking. During week four, you have to continue with the downward cycle in your nicotine. By now, you should at most, be using a 6mg cartridge, which is as if smoking light cigarettes. You may begin to feel irritable as your body notices the significant drop in nicotine but be determined not to go back since you will only have one more week to go through.

  1. Week 5

Finally, you are closer to fulfilling your goal than you might have thought. However, just as a runner gets tired towards the finish line, you will find it tougher to hold on as you near your goal. It is during this time that you make the switch to 0mg cartridges, which essentially have no nicotine. You may think that it is impossible to handle this kind of move but once you try it, you will be surprised. You will realize that your craving for nicotine is becoming less and less until the last day; they will be within manageable limit. With time, you will be able to eliminate the use of e cigs.

Quitting smoking may sound like an impossible dream especially if you have had the habit for decades. Certainly, it is not easy trying to kick this harmful habit even with the help of electronic cigarettes. However, with they are the most effective means of helping you keep up the fight. No matter how long it takes, the fight is well worth it. You will be proud of yourself as you go a day, a week, a month and a year without smoking a cigarette. Well, you will add more years to your life and save money!

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