How Blogging Can Change Your Life

Blogging Can Change Your Life

Blogging Can Change Your Life

“Insomnia is more entertaining at a keyboard.”

Blogging can change your life, but the idea of spending hours upon hours on writing and building a blog is puzzling for some. So why do I blog? Here are 5 good reasons:

1) Learning and Inspiration

This is one of the biggest reasons I invest the time and energy into writing a blog. Researching and otherwise fact-checking on a blog subject matter can be involving and time-consuming work. But it is also an incredibly powerful learning tool. I don’t post anything that haven’t been thoroughly researched or personally tested/experienced. Though the topics I write about are ones I have specific knowledge and/or qualifications to speak on (like my post on learning), I fact-check like a madman. Beyond the crucial reason of being a responsible writer, it is also my way of expanding my own knowledge on the subject matter. In fact, the level of self-reflection that comes with writing is a stimulant for my creative thought process.

2) Have a Voice

As the internet continues to dominate every facet of our world, our circles of influence- our audience- are ever expanding. It is possible for us to now reach and affect a staggering number of people from our laptops. For me, my goal for this blog is to inspire others to take LIVING more seriously, more passionately. It is my small way of giving some value back to the world. My little social movement, if you will. If you have a message worth spreading, there is no medium like the blogosphere to broadcast it.

3) Goals and Accountability

Those who practice goal-setting regularly can appreciate how important it is to share your goals with others. It is a way of receiving feedback and inspiration on our actions and thoughts. By sharing my life ventures on the blogosphere, I am allowing my audience- many of which, I’m sure, are much more intelligent than I am- to become my life consultants. Ever since I’ve started writing this blog, I’ve found myself more focused on building the lifestyle and making the life experiences I’ve dreamt about. This is a natural effect of reaffirming your thoughts in writing. I am a believer that we don’t really know what we know unless we write it down. We are also less likely to sway from our goals the more people knew about them. It’s a funny thing about egos.

4) Harness the Ultimate Social Media Platform

I liken my blog to be a social media profile on steroids. It is my way of finding and connecting with people who are interested in lifestyle design, creating life experiences and starting businesses. Given the fact that on average, we are now six introductions away from any given person in the world due to the internet age, we have access to more important business connections, mentors, and people who will make a difference in our life than ever before. What better introduction to the world can I give than my blog?

5) My own publication. My own rules.

It is incredibly liberating to write whatever I want. After all, what is life without expression? I am my own writer, editor and publisher. There are no rules beyond God and man laws. I can write about _____ in one post and ______ in the next. The blog is my oyster.

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