Conscious Mind Vs Unconscious Mind


Conscious Mind Vs Unconscious Mind? This is an often-asked question. The answer will not only surprise and educate you; it may completely transform your life. Unfortunately, the question is a distraction from the more important question which fails to be asked which is: Which is more empowering, being Conscious or Unconscious?

So many individuals deliberately accept the presence of the Unconscious Mind that they fail to recognize what it really represents. The Unconscious Mind is the repository of all that is unseen much of which is unconscious negative programming that many refer to as early childhood conditioning stored there in the form of memories.

That programming wields enormous power over the individual’s perception and attitudes towards self, others and the world. As it remains unseen i.e., unconscious, it has the ability to automatically (i.e., habitually) influence the nature of one’s daily choices. Another way of saying that is that it usurps control of the individual’s freewill choices away from them thus turning them into an automaton, robot or zombie.

This is the reason that so many individuals find themselves re-enacting self-sabotaging or self-destructive choices and/or behaviors on a regular basis. The simple fact is that they are not actually at the wheel of their life or mind. Rather it is the unconsciously buried programming that has them on self-destructive “autopilot”.

The secret and unconscious nature of the programming makes it difficult to access, expose and stop. Hence it is the unconscious mind which hides/shelters this programming that is responsible for the problem.

You see, unconsciousness itself is the deviation and should not exist at all! In other words, you are supposed to be a fully conscious being! It is only in total consciousness that one is able to discern optimally and make life enhancing choices for one’s self.

It is only when you are fully awake and in charge of your mind and your freewill choices that you are empowered and the master of your life. If instead you choose, out of neglect, laziness or pure indifference to allow the negative unconscious programming to run your life then you, and you alone will be responsible for the disaster it creates.

So, do you want to be fully conscious, or do you want to be an automaton? The only way to become fully conscious and reclaim your freewill is to expose and erase permanently all that unconscious programming living inside you. There is now a way to do that via a new coaching process that you can learn about by visiting the web link below. There you can also request a free introductory telephone consultation that will begin to give you back your life.

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