Why Things Happen for A Reason


I sometimes get amazed as to Why Things Happen for A Reason? what happens in our lives; how the unexpected brings about certain positive twists in life. Martin had such an unexpected, bad experience that turned out to be a great discovery for him.

One late July, a couple of years ago, Martin had a vital wake-up moment that he is forever thankful for.

Martin had put aside money for months so he could take his family on a five-week holiday in Spain. There they would spend two weeks in Martin’s parent’s villa in Costa Blanca, then they would take the six-hour drive to Marbella, in Costa del Sol, where they would spend five days there and then they would take the eight-hour scenic route back home.

All went to plan. In short, they had free use of the villa, the swimming pool and the car. In Marbella, they met a few people at the resort they stayed in, and had fun discovering the area. The drive to and from Marbella went smoothly, with absolutely no hiccups.

However, two days after that long journey, back at the villa, Martin was cursing. The car wouldn’t start. Not great news. His parents were due to join them in three days, so he decided to wait for them since he had no one else to turn to for help.

One afternoon, while Marilyn, his wife, was having one of her extended siestas and the kids were watching a DVD, Martin went onto his dad’s computer, and typed in a few words: ‘money, not enough money, always short of money’, and the like.

It was at the point that Martin made his discovery. He had his wake-up moment.

He knew about limiting beliefs and how they have an effect on relationships, business and career, health and fitness. But he had no idea that limiting beliefs also have an effect in the financial area.

He discovered that there are limiting beliefs such as, I am not deserving of money, money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to work hard for money,rich people are greedy, and so on.

Martin recognized many of the beliefs. His father used to say quite a few of these and more. “Oh my God! No wonder I’ve always struggled with money,” Martin sat back in his chair and cried long and hard.

Martin had always been knee deep in debt. He could never make ends meet. No matter what he did, his expenses always exceeded his income.

Now he knows why.

His wake-up moment set the wheels in motion. He must identify his limiting beliefs around money and eliminate them one by one. This has become a fun routine in his life, one which he does daily, without fail.

And you know what? Within a short few month, money started to flow into his life, and his money concerns have dramatically reduced. All because the car broke down.

There’s always a reason why things happen, and how things just mysteriously appear into our lives.

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