5 Simple Ways to Choose Right Holiday Accommodation


Choosing the right holiday accommodation can be a stressful task. Especially if you’re traveling to multiple states or countries and need to find affordable accommodation to rent but is also comfortable and amazing.

Luckily, however, we’ve got some great tips that will help ensure you in making the right decisions in finding something that’s absolutely perfect for your next holiday.


One of the most important factors that people often underestimate is how important the area of your accommodation is going to be. It doesn’t matter how great the hotel or rental may appear, if you simply don’t feel safe walking alone there at night, it’s not going to be a calm or relaxing experience, which holidays are meant to bring. Apart from safety and comfort, another key factor is practicality. If sightseeing is on your itinerary, the best place would be in a central location. However, if your goal is to get away from it all, stay clear of downtown and choose a remote place in a nice country town for peace of mind.


If you’re traveling with your family, it’s important to accommodate and meet the comfort needs of everyone in the family such as cribs, play areas etc. You have young children, you may also need to check that the area doesn’t have a noisy nightlife and look to see which hotels appeal to families or adults.

Your kids are old enough, chances are they will know exactly what they like or dislike. Allow your kids to choose something they would enjoy to do on any given day such as going to a theme park or to which restaurant they fancy eating in.  Giving them a bit of leeway will help fulfill everyone’s needs, to enjoy a magical holiday.


Check the hotel star rating. This can be a great way of filtering between high, medium and low-end hotels. If a hotel or rental has high ratings, that means it provides excellent service and atmosphere, and the opposite is true if it has a low rating. High-end hotels are normally more expensive but remember you don’t always need to go after holiday accommodations with the highest ratings. You can choose medium ratings or medium-high ratings that still offer great comfort and service. If you’re spending very little time in your room, lowering the rating could be perfect for you.


With so many options for accommodation, you no longer have to limit yourself to just hotels. In fact, you can look at getting apartments or villas, that are often advertised for great prices. Beyond the price, you may prefer more space and comfort of a home while on holiday. It will also give you the opportunity to embrace the cultural by cooking and eating local food.


It’s important to be on the lookout for any extra charges when you’re booking your next holiday accommodation. These charges can easily be missed as sometimes these are not mentioned upfront or are difficult to see. If things don’t make sense, it’s worth emailing or calling to ask for specific details. Hidden charges can sometimes add up to make your holiday accommodation impractical and too expensive. Finding out ahead of time that your hotel might cost double in price as you once thought could totally spoil your holiday. Common extra charges may include internet connection, airport shuttle fees, and staff gratuities.

With these 5 great tips, you will be on the right path in finding the best accommodation for yourself and guests. By choosing accommodation with the right balance of price, rating, and location, you’ll enjoy your holidays with great comfort, that you may never want to leave.

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