Low cost travelling Is it possible?


Low cost travelling Is it possible? Who doesn’t want to see the world? We would like to travel once a month and know a different city each time. But at the same time, we all know one thing is certain: It costs money. Thus, it’s not easy to do so.

What we have clear is that we don’t want to spend our lives sitting on the sofa wishing to do things and not doing them. Then, it’s all a matter of being clever. We only need to know how to optimize resources. Here are some tips to travel with a low cost budget that can be applied for any destination:

Travel in low season

Yes, I know it’s not the same going to Ibiza in summer than in winter, but I’m not telling you to go in the coldest season of the year, but just before summer season, of right after. And also, it’s always cheaper not to travel on weekends, but on weekdays. Leaving on Wednesday and coming back next Tuesday, for example, would be a good deal, as you’d still have weekend in the middle but plane tickets would be cheaper.

Get unusual hour plane tickets

And in low cost companies; for sure! Last tip will serve you as nothing if what you safe on one hand is spent from the other one. I know it’s a pain in the neck to take a flight at6 in the morning, but you can take it as a routine-breaker…? Something like, having breakfast for lunch and dinner for breakfast…It can be fun!


Travel in group

There many ways of accommodation around the world. Depending on the city or region they can be very cheap or less cheap. Probably, the less expensive option are youth hostels, as long as you don’t have a friend living in apartments in Florence, Paris  or New York… But also, if you travel in group, you must know that by renting an apartment you can save a lot of money, as for less than twenty euros/person/night you can have your own space, no timetables and where you can cook your meals instead of eating out every day.

Set some aside money to go out

Restaurants, nightlife, shopping etc; so that you do not exceed your budget. If you have rented these Helsinki, Hong Kong or Florence apartments you can go to a supermarket, but breakfast (you can’t imagine how much money one can safe by not having breakfast at a bar…last time I paid8 Pounds for a coffee with milk and a pastry at a café in London… Also, you can schedule your budget according to the length of your stay. For example: “You are staying for 5 days, you can alternate lunch and dinner out so that every day you have one meal at home –or less or more, according to your budget.

Get informed!

Last but not least! Actually, this is essential: Everywhere you go; there are cheaper places than others. And bargains, are all around, you only need to search well. And a good way to find these places is asking to locals, they know what they do!


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