Top Spots for Adventure Activities in New Zealand


Top Spots for Adventure Activities in New Zealand; There is no better destination in the world for adventure holidays than New Zealand. The country is full of amazing landscapes that are just perfect for all manner of exhilarating activities, from skiing and skydiving to scuba diving and zorbing. Here are some of the top places to visit if you want your trip to New Zealand to be action-packed.


If you’re looking for somewhere that offers a whole host of adrenalin-pumping activities, visit Rotorua on the North Island. From skydiving and rafting to mountain biking and zorbing – there’s something for everyone. For some water-based thrills, you’ve got to try white water sledging. This involves hurling yourself down rapids on nothing more than a body board. You’ll need to be a strong swimmer and have a good level of fitness to have a go – it’s definitely not for the fainthearted!

 Adventure Activities in New Zealand

There are some equally exhilarating land-based activities on offer, too. Mountain biking is a popular option here and the vast network of tracks that crisscross through the forest just outside the city is among the best in New Zealand. This is also a great way to see some of Rotorua’s amazing natural attractions, like the stunning geothermal springs or its peaceful lakes.

Lake Taupo

You might think the majority of adventure activities available in Lake Taupo will be water-based, but you’d be wrong! There are definitely plenty of opportunities to get wet, with water skiing, parasailing and jet-boat rides all popular ways to spend an afternoon, but make sure you also look to the sky.

 Adventure Activities in New Zealand

Lake Taupo is a fantastic place to skydive, in fact, it’s the skydiving capital of the world where more than 30,000 jumps take place every year. There’s no better way to see this massive lake than from several thousand feet above it – so strap in and enjoy the freefall.

This is also an excellent place to bungy jump, boasting the country’s highest water-touch jump. Suspended 47 m above the Waika to River, you’ll fall, dip into the water and bounce right back up again! (Just don’t forget to bring a towel and a change of clothes!)


Head to the South Island for some more thrills during your break. For the adventure traveler, Queenstown really is the full package. In the winter, you can hurtle down its slopes on skis or a snowboard. hile you can add a serious kick to your ride by choosing to go heliskiing or heliboarding – the ultimate alpine experience.

Winter sports certainly aren’t all Queenstown has to offer though, you can go jet boating down the Kawarau River at breathtaking speeds, climb and abseil in the mountains or go canyoning for a day out that combines climbing and abseiling with swimming, sliding and jumping.

If you want to bungy jump, this is one of the best places to do it – and its home to the world’s first-ever bungy at Kawarau Bridge. Queenstown also lays claim to the highest bungy in the world – the Nevis bungy, which is a staggering 134 m above the Nevis River.

Bungy swings and flying fox zip line courses are just a couple of the other adrenalin-pumping things you can do in the area.


You’ll probably fly into Auckland and, while you’re there, you should check out some of the adventure options on offer in New Zealand’s largest city.

 Adventure Activities in New Zealand

If you’ve got a head for heights, pay a visit to the Sky Tower and see if you’re brave enough to do the Sky Jump. This is a bit like a base jump, but with a full harness, so you can fall 192 m to the ground without the bounce of a bungy.

Sound a little too much for your nerves? You can always try the gentler Sky Walk, which allows you to stroll around the outside of the tower. You’ll be attached to a safety line. Just as well because there are no handrails out there!

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