Staying In Shape While Traveling for Holidays


Staying In Shape: Vacation is one of the times that people let loose and like to have a good time. Does this good time have to come at the cost of gaining ten pounds or losing your abs? The answer is no and vacations and holidays can leave you coming out looking the same or better. The real answer to avoiding weight gain during a vacation of any type is mitigating the times when you will be inactive for a large amount of time. This not only keeps calorie burning low but also boosts metabolism for a couple of hours or longer if activity is done.


Having a group of people supporting you while working out is a great way to hold yourself accountable. If visiting family for the holidays, it is imperative to ask a person of similar fitness goals to workout with you during this time. This could be a long hike or even have the entire family participate in some sort of game. This could be touch football or even having a family bike ride can help boost metabolism for the day.


This article is not going to tell you to avoid alcohol completely as vacations are made for relaxing. Excessive alcohol use will cause most people to drunk eat and this combined with the alcohol is a weight gaining magic formula. Also, avoid drinking alcohol that is mixed with sugary sodas or juices. If there is diet soda for a mixed drink, this would be the best course of action to avoid weight gain.



Writing down fitness goals is one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable to doing the work that you promised yourself. This will keep you on schedule with your workouts even when working out is the last thing that you want to do on vacation. Being as specific as possible will help you get through the workout because the end goal will be clear. Keep a couple copies of this workout pledge all around the place that you are staying.


Supplements are a great way to mitigate weight gain during a vacation. Whether it is a good thermogenic to keep the weight off during the heavy eating holidays or whey protein to maintain muscle mass, supplements can help with both of these without much work. If your supplements were left at home, it is easy to buy supplements online with Supps R Us. Going without certain supplements can mess up cycle times as well as training regimens.

Staying In Shape

There are many ways that a person can enjoy themselves on a vacation and still have the physique that they want after and can staying in shape. Self-control is the name of the game when it comes to avoiding the dreaded 10 pounds on a cruise or after visiting relatives. Making sure to mitigate the damage done to your body is the only way that a person will come out just as good or better than before they took the vacation.

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