Make Money from Amazon at Home


Make Money from Amazon at Home

Amazon is a goldmine for bloggers. Amazon offers in my opinion the most credible and powerful tool to earn money from your blogging efforts. With literally millions of products from every conceivable category to promote on your blogs. The beauty of Amazon is they have world class customer service. They take care of all the billing, inventory and shipping for you. You just promote literally from a pin to an anchor and so much more. Whatever niche you are in, Amazon has a product ready for you to monetize that niche. That said here is how to make money from amazon at home in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Sign up for Amazon affiliates

It’s free and easy, simply visit  and scroll to the bottom of the page. If you do not already have an amazon account you will be asked to create one. With account created and some other basic information, your affiliates account is setup and ready to go. Once you have signed up and logged into your Amazon account. You will see the amazon associates’ widgets which has buttons to help you create links to any product you want to promote on your site.

Step 2 Find products

There are millions of products to choose from and something for every niche again simply take keywords form your niche and put in the search. A list of products will appear in the search results. Be sure to do some due diligence on the products you intend to promote. Take time to read and analyses as many reviews as you can (Amazon has an excellent product reviews section on every product page). You want offer your readers the best that is out there to help them out within your niche.

Step 3 get links

Amazon offers a few methods of linking products to your blog. You can use text links or image only or a mix of both. From the associates bar hit the “link to this page” button for a dialogue box to appear and for you to select the type of link you want. After selecting the link, you want, get the relevant code by highlighting and copying it.

Step 4 add links to blog

Place the relevant link on your blog using relevant images or anchor text, refresh the page and test your link and you are all set!


Though their commission rates are much lower than that of Clickbank (on average between 4% and 8% vs up to 75%). Amazon is a very reputable name online and their customer service is top class and with tons of reviews. The real beauty of Amazon though is their ability to up-sell and cross market. If a customer you refer to Amazon purchases anything on their site it doesn’t have to be the original product you referred them for you get the credit!

In this way you will find yourself earning commissions for many items you never promoted in the first place and bonus commissions for extra products your referrals buy while they are there. for me despite the lower commission rates amazon is the no.1 program bloggers should use if they plan on promoting products on their site. Have you tried making money with amazon? or are considering incorporating them on your own blog? Leave a comment or question below.

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